Shipping & returns

You can choose from 2 types of shipping.

  1.       Delivery by mail. Delivery might take up to 6 working days. Price of this delivery is 2.50 EUR. (For Lithuania)
  2.       Take order in shop Malonios Smulkmenos in Vilnius (Pylimo 36/2). You can take your order in the shop after notification that it is ready (it might take up to 3 work days). You can pay for order in shop or by internet.

If you want, we can deliver your order in your country. If you are interested in it, please contact sales manager ( or +370 5 212 0949)

Return policy

  • You can return items within 14 days after receiving your order. Company will return money in 14 days after receiving the returned products.
  • You can exchange items within 14 days after receiving your order. Company will exchange it if it has required products.
  • Shipment costs are not returned
  • If you want to return products, yuo have to follow theese rules:
    • Returned product has to be in original and undamaged package
    • Product has to be undamaged
    • Marketable appearance should be the the same. However, it does not work if the product is damaged.
    • The product packaging should be the same, which was received.
    • You have to have receipt and and fill in document for returning.
    • If seller proves that buyer damaged product by himself, product is not returned, changed and money are not returned.
  • Precious metal, stones and jewelery made with them cannot be returned.